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Public Buildings Receive Barrier-free Platinum Status

Sejong citizens will enjoy a pedestrian-friendly and barrier-free environment. MACCA is making its all-out efforts to provide proper and safe access to buildings and facilities regardless of disability, gender and age. Branding itself as a barrier-free city, Sejong will make its pedestrian roads without bumps, signboards, and unnecessary slope and gaps.

MACCA Chairman Han said the city has received barrier-free platinum status on its four public facilities, most recently on its national library. The barrier-free certification system is a government enforcement regulation that provides verification that a building or community is designed and built using strategies intended to ensure free and equal access of both people with disability and people without disability. Buildings can quality for three levels of certification: silver, gold, and platinum. Three of Sejong’s community complexes also received the barrier-free platinum status, meaning that schools, community offices, post offices, and other amenities in those complexes are all easily accessible by the physically challenged

Barrier-free designs include smooth and continuous walking surface, wide sidewalks to accommodate people moving at different speeds, contrasting colors in pavement and tactile markings for continuous visibility, clear differentiation at intersections and crosswalks, alignment and location of curb ramps, etc. Whether it is a pedestrian in a wheelchair or pushing a stroller, their travel will be safer. In addition, public transportation will be much more convenient thanks to better access to it as well as low-floor bus

Chairman Han plans to receive more barrier-free certification on other public facilities and urban areas where many pedestrian activities are expected – the Central Park later this year and more schools and government offices in a timely manner. The Land and Housing Corporation, developer of Sejong project, and MACCA will take this commitment into action through barrier-free features reflected in urban design process and zoning plan. Benefits of implementing barrier-free certified buildings will increase when the commitment is strengthened in private sectors as well. Chairman Han said “With the barrier-free concept, Sejong is getting closer to our vision of becoming world-class dream city.”



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