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Sejong City to have Korea’s first smart school

An electronic message board displays real-time notifications (Photo: Gonggam Korea)

Korea’s first smart school opened on March 2 in Sejong Special Autonomous City, a special administrative district in Chuncheongnam-do (South Chungcheong Province).

Hansol High School is one of the four schools that will open this month in the city, along with Chamsaem Kindergarten, Chamsaem Elemantary School, and Hansol Middle School. As a smart school, it incorporates various types of information and communications technology (ITC) into the learning process.

The main entrance of the school has a RFID reader that senses electronic student ID cards. Once students enter the school, the reader system automatically records the student’s attendance and sends a message to the parents.

Each classroom is equipped with an electronic blackboard and lecture desk along with an access point (AP) device. There is also an electronic message board in the classrooms and cafeteria which is used for delivering real-time notifications.

Each class is composed of 25 students who will also receive their own smart pad. Instead of writing in a notebook, students use their smart pads which are connected with the electronic blackboards in their classrooms; when a teacher gives students questions on the e-blackboard, students write down the answers on their smart pads and the answers appear on the blackboard. This is expected to boost activated communication and interaction during class.

Chamsaem Elemantary School, which is slated to open in March, is also equipped with cutting-edge educational technology.

The school has built a virtual experience room with a 3D electronic blackboard. It also has built a video lecture room which allows students to take courses from overseas schools using a video teleclass system.

A total of 150 schools including 66 kindergartens, 41 elementary schools, 21 middle schools, 20 high schools, and two special schools will open by 2030, the year the city will be complete.

By Jessica Seoyoung Choi Staff Writer

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The City is named after King Sejong who profoundly impacted Korean history with the introduction of Hangul, the alphabet system of the Korean language and technological advances during his reign in the 15th century.