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Sejong Goes Green with Bicycles

Multifunctional Administrative City Construction Agency
November 18, 2010

Public Bike Sharing Program
Sejong Goes Green with Bicycles

Bicycling will be an important means of transportation and a dominating feature of the Sejong cityscape, according to MACCA Chairman Han. Plus, the city will have a public bike sharing program in concert with its 215-mile bike paths.

Sejong’s large-scale scheme for bicyclists offers a variety of favorable conditions from urban proximity and short distances to flat terrain along with an extensive and well-designed system of bike paths. In addition, the new plan for public bike sharing will install 373 on-street bike racks.

Bike racks at all BRT stops will promote intermodal transportation, allowing people to shift easily from other forms of transport to bicycle and back again. Additional racks will be built in at places such as schools, government offices, and commercial zones.

The new program will be an easily accessible alternative to motorized travel, reducing the carbon footprint of commuting as well as enabling residents to become healthier through exercise. It will be one of the most efficient CO2 measures because bicycle needless to say is the ultimate zero-emission vehicle.

Chairman Han also announced his goal for modal-split share of cycling, 20% of all trips of Sejong citizens by 2030.

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The City is named after King Sejong who profoundly impacted Korean history with the introduction of Hangul, the alphabet system of the Korean language and technological advances during his reign in the 15th century.